Ever had a good laugh or felt your heart break at a certain moment during the show? Ever think, “Oh, man.. I wish there was a graphic of this on Tumblr!” Well, guess what? Criminal Minds Caps now takes requests, huzzah! You may submit your requests here with the following outline simply for the reason that it will be more efficient. It will make it easier and quicker to do. The easier and quicker = the more graphics made. Hoping for a bunch of requests. Keep it up, CM fans! 

Important Note: If you do not follow this outline, your request will not be taken.

Moment Requested:
Type of Graphic: (Whether it be a GIF or just screencaps) 
Requested By: (If you want credit for requesting, then put your username here. If not, leave this blank) 

* For episode requests, just put the season and episode *