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A lot has happened since this Tumblog’s first birthday. The motivation to update and provide the sources this blog usually gives has dwindled, greatly. A lot of personal issues have come up in my life and the frustratingly slow connection of my internet has led up to this announcement:

Criminal Minds Caps will no longer be active. It will no longer be that kind of blog to update with graphics an hour after a new episode airs, or the kind of blog to provide download links either (another person is helping run this and she has said she’d still love to post when she has the time, but it isn’t regularly).

This Tumblog will not be deleted, but rather open to those who come across it to look at the past graphics made. Thank you so much for the most amazing year. I’ve had a blast running this Tumblog and reading messages from such wonderful people and making graphics of the moments you find beauty in.

Keep on loving this show. It’s one of the best. 

Take care and have a lovely day/night, wherever you all may be. 

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