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Anonymous: How do you get the video for season nine?

Either pirateproxy or torrentday!

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Anonymous: Please ignore the ask about how you cap the season nine part. I meant how do you make the GIFs from season nine?


queen-p-controls-the-universe: hi, I just read your post about prentiss and I have to disagree. I think Prentiss loved Doyle. I'm not saying she was in love with him but she did develop romantic feelings for him. The way she looks at him when he dies says it all.

I don’t really know about what post you are talking about because I’m new here but I personally agree with you. I think she loved him.

And that’s also my answer to the anon that asked why Emily didn’t have a boyfriend. I think that’s because she loved Doyle.

- Sasha

Anonymous: where do you get your screencaps?:) couldyou link me to the gallery?

we’ve already answered it here

Anonymous: Hi who's your faverite character ?

Mine is JJ. 

- Sasha