The Inspiration, 09x01

The Inspired, 09x02

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Anonymous: For anon: Tunefind says Undermined (Scratch Mix) by Mellisa R. Kaplan & Jeff Toyne.

Thank you! Here you go anon.

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Anonymous: What was the song on s09e19 at the end?

Sorry, I don’t know.

Happy Birthday, Paget Valerie Brewster!

Happy Birthday, Matthew Gray Gubler!

Anonymous: Hi! I love your blog and I love the show but I only recently began watching it and am currently near the beginning of season four. Do you think that the show is worth watching? I have four seasons to catch up on and I'm just wondering do you think I should bother. Thanks

It is definitely worth watching! Though you can practically watch the series out of order since most of the episodes are by case, you also realize that what keeps this show running is the characters, and you become invested in them because of that. They proceed to just grow and flesh with every season, and it’s a real treat. Hope you continue to watch!