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Anonymous: Hey i reall want to be able to post gifs but i dont know how to add like the sort of subtitles they have on for speech ?? It would be massive help x


Acura/KOST Celebrity Benefit Concert And Pageant | August 23, 2014
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Anonymous: What would you consider a repost? Is it just gifs or do you include pictures as well? Thanks :D

if it’s some pics without any coloring that you can find everywhere i don’t consider it as a repost. if it’s a pic with coloring, it’s a repost.

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nieladasdenani: hi! i don't know if this is what you're looking for, but this are the ones i love and follow :) jjhotchner - criminalmindsfeed - cmsetreport


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thanks anon

thanks anon

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Anonymous: Baunicorn, Derekmorgan, you kick likes nine year old girl, pagetvbrewster, em-ily pren-tiss. Sorry for any misspellings of urls

here you go. thanks.

spvencerreid: Hi, can give me some good Criminal Minds blogs? I'm pretty new.. Thanks! :)

any recommendations guys?