These are a growing collective of frequently asked questions we’ve received. It is updated sporadically whenever we notice more questions being asked often. Before asking us a question please check this page so you can find an instant answer! If not go ahead and ask us.

This is a tutorial for Mac and Windows users using the program Avidemux2 (you’ll find download links for both types). If you are a Windows user with KM Player, skip the steps involving the previous program and refer to this instead. Go back to the tutorial once you’ve gone through that post.

The programs used between all of us are Photoshop, KM Player/Avidemux2

There are various fonts used for GIFs since there are three of us contributing to this Tumblog. We use different styles for the following three fonts (bold, italicized, uppercase, etc) for captions and watermarks:

on caption | on watermark | font should be available for anyone who has Vista. I still haven’t found one for Mac

on caption | on watermark | font should already be installed

downloadon caption | on watermark

The current layout being used is called Pinky by Maraudersthemes. It’s tweaked it to the max and you’ll find that the original layout differs in some areas.