Season 1:

Episode One: Extreme Aggressor 
Episode Four: Plain Sight 
Episode Six: L.D.S.K
Episode Eighteen: Somebody’s Watching

Season 2:

Episode Twelve: Profiler, Profiled

Season 3:

Episode Two: In Name and Blood
Episode Seven: Identity
Episode Nine: Penelope
Episode Ten: True Night
Episode Eleven: Birthright 
Episode Sixteen: Elephant’s Memory

Season 4:

Episode One: Mayhem
Episode Three: Minimal Loss
Episode Seven: Memoriam
Episode Thirteen: Bloodline
Episode Eighteen: Omnivore
Episode Twenty: Conflicted
Episode Twenty-Four: Amplification

Season 5: 

Episode One: Faceless, Nameless
Episode Nine: 100
Episode Ten: The Slave of Duty

Season 6:

Episode One: The Longest Night (II) 
Episode Two:
Episode Three: Remembrance of Things Past
Episode Four: Compromising Positions
Episode Five: Safe Haven
Episode Six: Devil’s Night
Episode Seven: Middle Man
Episode Eight: Reflection of Desire
Episode Nine: Into the Woods
Episode Ten: What Happens at Home
Episode Eleven: 25 to Life
Episode Twelve: Corazon
Episode Thirteen: The Thirteenth Step
Episode Fourteen: Sense Memory
Episode Fifteen: Today I Do
Episode Sixteen: Coda
Episode Seventeen: Valhalla
Episode Eighteen: Lauren
Episode Nineteen:  With Friends Like These
Episode Twenty: Hanley Waters
Episode Twenty-One: The Stranger
Episode Twenty-Two: Out of the Light
Episode Twenty-Three: Big Sea
Episode Twenty-Four: Supply and Demand

Season 7:

Episode One: It Takes a Village
Episode Two: Proof
Episode Three: Dorado Falls
Episode Four: Painless
Episode Five: From Childhood’s Hour
Episode Six: Epilogue

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