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Anonymous: espritscriminelsfrance, pagets, criminalsmindss, itsagentjareau, criminalreid, cmcaps, cortexifansquint, badassaj, toyboxboy, callahanjareaus, bytheferriswheel these blogs are good cm ones too!!

thank you!

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Anonymous: Do you have a favourite character? :)


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Anonymous: vampireseaver, b-a-u-nicorn, tenpointstoblakendor, ssagentprentiss, pagetvbrewster, ssaalexblake, maributerfly, andersonsland, and crimnatic are all great mostly CM blogs!

here you go anon. Thank you.

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Anonymous: I haven seen it yet - can you wait a day or so before posting stuff from the newest episodes so that there's time for all timezones to see it without spoilers? ): Sorry! :)

I’m sorry but this is not a spoiler free blog. You can always blacklist Criminal Minds with Xkit tho.

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Anonymous: can you do a blogroll or nominate some great blogs to follow?? pleaaassssse

guys, tell us your fave blogs to follow!